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Lately, with the upsurge of technological advancements in pain treatment systems, there are now a multitude of minimally invasive outpatient procedures that are able to effectively manage pain. Presently, lasers, Botox and fillers have improved cosmetic and preventative treatments considerably. In fact, the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area is extremely fortunate to have Morris Jagodowicz M.D., a leading pain management specialist, serving the region. As a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management, Dr. Jagodowicz has been practicing in the region for over 30 years. In addition to using Botox (Botulinum Toxin) and precision injections of filler materials for facial aesthetics, Dr. Jagodowicz’s clinic is recognized for its Botox treatments for migraines and Botox injections for excessive sweating. For patients who have spent countless years in the sun, we have the treatment that will help to erase the years of facial lines and wrinkles that have accumulated on their faces. In addition, we are well aware that during the natural progression of aging, skin cells lose their ability to manufacture hyaluronic acid particularly if the cells have been exposed to environmental pollutants and ultraviolet light. As a result, the skin commences in losing volume, and ultimately wrinkles and folds develop where there was once firm and smooth skin. This is when Simi Valley patients call our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jagodowicz for Botox injections.

Simi Valley, California is a city located in the southeast corner of Ventura County. Simi Valley borders San Fernando Valley and is considered to be part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. Close to 127,000 residents call Simi Valley home. Also, a study conducted by the University of Vermont ranked Simi Valley as the “Fifth Happiest City in the United States.” Granada Hills, the home of Dr. Jagodowicz’s clinic for Botox treatments, is located conveniently almost 18 miles directly east on 118 from Simi Valley. Simi Valley patients recognize Dr. Jagodowicz as their first choice for all of their Botox treatments. Our treatments include:
• Interventional pain and nerve block procedures;
• Laser treatment for cosmetic skin tightening, removal of spider veins and hair removal;
• Botox injections for facial aesthetics;
• Botox for migraines; and
• Botox for sweating.

Botox Injections Simi Valley

As an extremely popular pain management specialist, Dr. Jagodowicz is the only name Simi Valley patients need to know when they are contemplating having Botox injections. Once our Simi Valley patients have had their Botox injections, they can return to all of their regular activities right away. Botox is acknowledged as an extremely safe and effective medical procedure. Moreover, our Simi Valley patients state that their Botox results frequently last three to six months. In addition to returning a more youthful and lively appearance to our Simi Valley patients, our Botox injections also encourage greater self-esteem in our patients.

Botox Cosmetics Simi Valley

In addition to decreasing the severity of migraines, Botox is known for helping reduce their frequency and for diminishing nausea. No matter if you suffer from migraine vascular headaches, muscle-tension headaches, or a combination of the two, Botox injections will most probably be able to help. Also, for patients who suffer from excessive sweating or primary hyperdrosis, Dr. Jagodowicz and his extraordinary staff are also able to help. Excessive sweating most frequently concerns the patients’ palms, underarms, face and/or feet. Botox injections are known to reduce focal hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). If you have migraine headaches, primary hyperdrosis or you are experiencing increased wrinkling, it is time to call Dr. Jagodowicz at: (818) 360-4949, today, to schedule an appointment. We are anxious to help.

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