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Medical procedures used to manage pain and treat facial wrinkles have progressed considerably throughout the years. In fact, lasers, Botox and fillers have raised cosmetic and preventative treatments to new levels. Morris Jagodowicz M.D., a leading pain management specialist in the Greater Los Angeles Area, is a recognized as one of the foremost professionals in pain intervention and nerve block procedures. Dr. Jagodowicz is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management, and he has been practicing in the region for the past three decades. Besides using Botox (Botulinum Toxin) and precision injections of filler materials for facial aesthetics, Dr. Jagodowicz’s clinic is highly-regarded for its Botox treatments for migraines and Botox injections for excessive sweating. It’s not unusual for facial lines and wrinkles to crop up on the faces of individuals who have spent years in the sun. Furthermore, in the natural progression of aging skin cells lose their ability to manufacture hyaluronic acid especially if it has been exposed to environmental pollutants and ultraviolet light. Accordingly, the skin begins to lose volume, and ultimately wrinkles and folds appear. This is when Van Nuys patients get in touch with Dr. Jagodowicz to look into having Botox injections to help erase the premature signs of aging.

Van Nuys, California is one of the many neighborhoods within San Fernando Valley in the City of Los Angeles and County of L.A. Nearly 111,000 residents call Van Nuys home. Granada Hills, the home of Dr. Jagodowicz’s clinic, is conveniently located only nine miles northwest of Van Nuys. It comes as no surprise that our devoted Van Nuys’ patients consider Dr. Jagodowicz as their number one choice for their Botox treatments. Many of the procedures we provide include the following:
• Interventional pain and nerve block procedures;
• Laser treatment for cosmetic skin tightening, removal of spider veins and hair removal;
• Botox injections for facial aesthetics;
• Botox for migraines; and
• Botox for sweating.

Botox Injections Van Nuys

Dr. Jagodowicz is highly-respected by his Van Nuys’ patients because of his sterling reputation as a pain management specialist. After Van Nuys patients have received their Botox injections, they are able to immediately return to all of their normal activities. That’s because Botox is recognized as both an effective and extremely safe medical procedure. Additionally, our Van Nuys patients report that their Botox results last between three and six months. As well as restoring a younger and more vital appearance to our Van Nuys patients, our Botox injections also promote self-confidence in our patients.

Botox Cosmetics Van Nuys

Recognized as helping reduce the frequency of migraines in addition to decreasing their severity, Botox for migraines is also responsible for diminishing other symptoms such as nausea. Whether you suffer from migraine vascular headaches, muscle-tension headaches, or a combination of the two, Botox injections will most likely be able to help. Dr. Jagodowicz and his outstanding staff are also able to help patients who experience excessive sweating or primary hyperdrosis. Excessive sweating most often involves the palms, underarms face and/or feet. It is also responsible for causing substantial emotional and social embarrassment for patients. Botox injections are known to be significantly beneficial in getting rid of focal hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Not unlike Botox cosmetics and Botox for migraines, Botox for sweating is a remarkably safe treatment. If you have migraine headaches, primary hyperdrosis or you are uncomfortable about increased wrinkling, it is time to call Dr. Jagodowicz at: (818) 360-4949, today, for an appointment. We are anxious to help.

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