Drug Addiction


Our program offers a comprehensive treatment protocol for opioid (narcotic) addiction and dependency in an office based setting that allows detoxification with gradual withdrawal. We use a Suboxone (Buprenorphine) treatment protocol together with behavioral counseling and follow-up visits for full recovery. Every patient’s treatment is kept in the strictest of confidence. Dr.Jagodowicz has a special federal DEA waiver for treatment of addiction with Suboxone-Subutex.

Drug addiction is a significant health problem in the United States. Untreated drug addiction bears innumerable costs to each community, including criminal activity, transmission of disease, as well as loss of life. Addiction is a complex disease involving physiological, environmental, genetic, and behavioral factors. No single treatment approach is effective in all cases. It is our goal to address these components and provide a medically managed controlled withdrawal. Methadone clinics have been established to deal with drug addiction in the United States. This is a substitute program that does not resolve the opioid addiction. It typically requires daily visits to a clinic facility. Methadone programs are state controlled and are funded monthly based on the number of patients they can retain in their program. Our office based treatment program allows patients to be seen in the doctor’s office without fear of being stigmatized. We accept all major credit cards and most insurance plans. We do not accept Medi Cal in this program.

THE PATIENT WITH CHRONIC PAIN: Treating the underlying chronic pain as well as detoxification of a patient from abused prescription painkillers can be a challenge. Our program is tailored to address a patient’s individual addiction as well as their pain management needs. With the use of FDA approved medications, we can both detoxify the patient and maintain a level of pain control without the drug craving and withdrawal symptoms.

SUBOXONE-SUBUTEX OPIATE ASSISTED WITHDRAWAL: Suboxone-Subutex opiate assisted withdrawal protocol is used to help patients with their addiction through a pain free detoxification program. This new method has helped patients find freedom from addiction and to better enable them to develop new life skills while undergoing treatment without the burden of a painful detoxification from drugs. This unique protocol practically eliminates the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. This innovative approach has been highly praised for its success in treatment of the severe and debilitating withdrawal symptoms of opiate detoxification. The protocol makes drug rehabilitation more effective, affordable, and less traumatic for substance abusers. and their families. By helping patients achieve and maintain abstinence, patients become more stable members of their families and community. Dr. Jagodowicz is among a select group of physicians who are certified to prescribe Suboxone Subutex opiates in this country.