Varicose Vein Treatments Are Available

Anyone with spider veins will want the perfect varicose veins treatment to eliminate spider veins. These veins are veins ruined by excessive factors like body weight, standing for long periods of time and hormonal changes.

Though veins don’t actually indicate anything serious to your health, it can ruin the appearance of your legs and any other parts of the body having varicose veins. So if you want to eliminate veins, your doctor will most probably suggest sclerotherapy treatment, a great treatment option for varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy treatment is basically a collection of injections that is injected into the affected skin areas. This means that you don’t receive only a single injection, but anywhere between fifteen and twenty injections per session.

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, no preparation is required for sclerotherapy. Though sclerotherapy treatment can be administered to anyone with unpleasant veins, it does have some possible side effects, like being a trigger for allergic reactions.

Moreover, some people tend to experience mild pain and itchiness during sclerotherapy treatment. Though there may also be some distension and bruising in the area where the injection is given, you can walk and continue with your life after your session.

Smokers are advised not to smoke for a few days before sclerotheraphy treatment as tobacco substances have an effect in the blood flow in your veins. Diabetics and those with blood clotting in their veins should refrain from using sclerotherapy to eliminate veins. Even those with complicated skin infections should not have any sclerotharapy treatment.

After your sclerotherapy treatment, you are ensured that there will be no more veins on the affected area. However remember that there always is a chance of veins developing in other parts of your body.

The success of your sclerotherapy treatment depends on the abilities of your doctor. This is why it is important that you approach a competent and reliable doctor for treatment to eliminate varicose veins

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that effectively removes unattractive spider veins. If you are thinking of undergoing sclerotherapy, give our office a call to schedule the next available appointment.